Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments!  JUrgen Kloop
One year ago, I rebooted my BOYDesign Facebook Page. It’s been a wonderful year of discovery, celebration and reflection. My goal was to post five times a week following this schedule:
MUSINGS MONDAY // A personal observation or discovery
TOO GOOD TO MISS TUESDAY // A link to an interesting article or resource
WHAZZUP WEDNESDAY // A recent project or achievement
THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY // A meaningful quote about design, creativity, art or life
FLASHBACK FRIDAY // A design project from the past
With few exceptions, I’ve stuck to the plan and generated around 250 posts. Whew! After a three month Facebook sabbatical to write, pursue new projects and expand my skillset, I’ll be back with more goodies. In the meantime, visit when you can and scroll through the past year. You’ll always find something new, something old, something interesting or something fun.
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